Monday, April 12, 2010

Shirt Dress

So, it looks a little silly with no girl in it, but once again I worked til the stroke of midnight and my peanut is fast asleep. This dress has some major flaws, and I guess you could call it a failure for that reason (ie: I got lazy and used a sharpie instead of a fabric pen - then I messed up my pattern and you can see it through the fabric...ugh), but this blog is not about perfectly polished finished's about the skills!! And I am so very happy that I now know how to make this dress. I followed the tutorial over at made (I love this blog and I'm so inspired by Dana), where you can find a ton of variations. This time I tried the shirred version with my best friend the elastic thread. I'm excited to make a million more!


  1. I'm glad I stayed awake til your midnight deadline. I love it. Please show me Josie in it. So so cute. If only I could grow up to be like you.

  2. You did it!!!! Now I need to make mine and you can help me now!!

  3. linds, come on. could there be a cuter dress?