Monday, April 19, 2010

A gift for my girl.

Forgive me for this week's project being a tad bit on the cheesy side, but this has been on my to-do list for some time. I purchased all the supplies and intended to make it as a Valentine for my girl, but couldn't get it together til now...Once again this blog has helped me turn my day dreams into real things!
J's best (and most imaginary) friend is Leo. She has loved him oh so much for about a year now. She has a tiny figurine that travels just about everywhere we go. She whispers to him and schemes with him. I haven't found a Leo doll so I figured I'd make one. I printed out a picture of him on heavy cardstock and turned him into a stencil. With fabric paint I transferred the image onto white fabric. I added his glasses and other little details with embroidery. Finally, I stuffed him and turned him into a doll with minky backing. He really turned out quite cute. I also found some Little Einsteins fabric on Ebay that I stitched up with some minky to make a matching blankie. When the girl wakes up she'll have a sweet little surprise bundle waiting!


  1. this is darling...and very clever...and only a tiny cheesy. i love it. my jane wishes you were her mother with all those dresses and dolls. leo is our fav too.
    thanks for doing little projects that aren't entirely intimidating to this dingbat.

  2. Jos is going to have a whack attack when she wakes up to Leo. You are the cutest Bean.

  3. That's awesome Linds. I wonder if I could make a Dora or Max for B. I'm sue I could find the dolls but making it would be a lot more special! I love it!