Monday, March 29, 2010

Muumuu take 2...

So I said I'd tell you how I made the little muumuu. I found some cute fabric and I was happy to do so, except for the fact that I really feel silly doing a tutorial since I'm such a novice and I don't really know what I'm doing....With that said, here it is!

To make the pattern, I laid out the dress folded vertically and traced a simple outline.

I also pulled the elasticized straps taut and traced them. The pattern pieces are to be cut on the fold.

I pinned the pattern to the fabric, traced with a fabric pen and cut.

I hemmed the top edge of the dress.

This time I made a fabric ruffle instead of lace. I cut 2 strips of fabric that are 1 1/2 times as long as the width of the bottom of the dress (they ended up about 6" x 36")

I folded the long strips of fabric for the bottom ruffle in half lengthwise, then basted them (using the longest straight stitch on my machine) about 1/4" from the cut edge.

I pulled the string to ruche the fabric and create the ruffle. When it was ruched to the width of the dress, I pinned it to the bottom edge of the dress.

Then I sewed a binding stitch over the top of the basted stitch on the ruffle. I turned the ruffle down and pressed it. Next I pinned the two sides of the dress right sides together and sewed down the length of the sides to join them.

This time I decided to line the strap. I cut out four pieces from the strap pattern, 2 of each fabric. Then I pinned them right sides together and sewed along the two long edges.

I turned the fabric right-side-out and pressed the shoulder straps.

I pinned the straps on and attached them with the binding stitch, then pressed the rest of the hem over and stitched along the armhole edge.

Now the dress is totally assembled. Next comes the best part...elasticizing!! I love this part because the dress really comes together as you're sewing the elastic thread in. If you haven't used elastic thread, it's super simple. You just wind it into your bobbin by hand, and thread your machine with regular thread that will show on the top of the fabric. The elastic will be on the underside.

You can probably see the fabric pen still on the dress here. I drew a line to guide me, then I sewed all the way around the front, the strap, the back, and the other strap in a complete circle. I did this complete circle 3 times, I may do more after I try it on J. I wanted to post the simple pattern here as well, but my sweet B is alseep next to my scanner so I'll have to get to that tomorrow. I love making this dress and I think I'll just keep on making them!


  1. Can you make me a plus size muu muu? Pretty please. I think you should make one of these out of a vintage pillow case but make the top runching like you do. Maybe I can get a runching tutorial this weekend.

  2. Lindsey, you did a great job on your sewing tutorial. I may have to start sewing again.. I have never used elastic thread but now I want to. You are very clever with your creative projects. I have also started doing a 52 project pickup, but I haven't made a mumu yet.
    Love you and am getting excited to see you all.

  3. This dress is so cute, and the fabric is awesome! nice job!

  4. I'm gonna give it a whirl. Be prepared for a phone call or two (not because of your tutorial, but because I can be a bit slow on the go...if ya know what I mean!)

  5. That is darling!!!