Thursday, January 27, 2011

I hate quilting...#1

I really do hate quilting. I signed up for quilting classes a few years ago...Bought all the fabric and everything, and a few lessons into it I dropped out. I think if I were more patient I would love it. That's why I wanted to sew a quilt - as part of this whole patience and persistence mission I'm on. Anyway, I have wanted a beach blanket forever, so this is the most simple quilt in the universe - patchwork squares with no binding. I machine quilted it which turned out surprisingly well and now I think I hate quilting a little bit less...Now we are ready for summer and the beach! Unfortunately, when I woke up to finish this yesterday, there was a blizzard hovering over our house. So, for now we are laying on our beach blanket in our living room, imagining warm rays of sun on our faces and cool breeze in our hair....


  1. Bean. That is really cute! I hated quilting even more when I got done with mine. Maybe because the quilt Nazi made me unpick it and start over. I do love my quilt though.

  2. Oh two need to learn to love quilting. Your beach blanket is sooooo cute! Will you pick out all of my fabric for me? Quilting is getting to be a lost art. This from a pioneer womans journal....I QUILT AS BEAUTIFULLY AS I CAN SO MY HEART WON'T BREAK AND AS FAST AS I CAN SO MY CHILDREN WON'T FREEZE......