Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stop motion

When I was in college I took a film making class, and I really became obsessed with it. I sat in the editing room for hours upon hours upon hours. Lately, my girl and I have been having fun making little movies with her drawings. It's been super fun getting back into it and trying to remember how to do any of this editing action. Here is our first stop motion, I think there will be many many more to come!
PS: This is REALLY easy, and a fun rainy day activity for you and your kiddos...All you need is a digital camera (still not video), a computer with any video editing software (I use iMovie), and a little artist (you can also use toys instead of drawings). This link helped me a lot...

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  1. That is awesome, the narration is perfect too! Check out this stop motion video: (from Dave)