Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

So, a new year's confession....Duh, I'm not a good blogger. But that's still okay because my excuse is that my whole experience isn't about the blog, but about the outcome and the tangible things that I make with my own two hands. The only problem is that I'd love to have a record of all the things I've learned, so I'm really going to try to be better....So, here goes!
My favorite things from December....

I loved this idea from December's MS Living - hers was a little fancier with a big Christmas bow, but I like our simpler version. I don't think I'll be able to take the Christmas cards down 'til next Christmas...So many beautiful cards from beautiful friends!!

I got some pretty yarn and made this simplest wreath of the century - just wrapped yarn around a foam wreath blank. The sequin yarn is SO awesome and actually very soft. Trying to think of something else to make with the leftover....

I was so happy when I found this fabric for my girls' Christmas dresses. Another Simplicity so easy (really easy) pattern. My favorite part are the little red leather bows I found at Martha Stewart's Craft Sale...It was a lucky miracle that I got to go to her office in the big city with Angela and Paigie - we had so much fun and the people watching was pretty unreal. Picture a tiny set of twin men dressed in ultra-tailored suits and bowties...A guy wearing a sequin eye patch...Only it was non-functional and had a hole in the middle. The ultimate fashion statement.

We made some easy elastic thread scarves for gifts - the serger was my best friend...

Sometimes you have to let the little cooperative model call the shots...I swear on my life she comes up with those poses all on her own. Best ever.


  1. oh how i wish you lived here so we could craft together! i need to learn to sew from you! you are my inspiration! xoxoxo

  2. I love how it went from Halloween to January. That's okay. I will still check daily to see what I need to be jealous of. I want a wreath made of only sequin yarn. Where on earth does one find something like that?