Monday, May 10, 2010

New shirt...

I am loving this blog and I felt inspired to sweeten up my own wardrobe. I bought this shirt in 3 colors when I was hangin' in the in-between stage after having my baby. It didn't really fit well and was a boxy frumpy thing. Since I have three of them, I thought I'd try sprucing one up a bit - I'm still undecided and I honestly don't know if I'll wear the finished product in public, but it gave me some ideas and I will try this again...two more times!

PS: Please excuse the world's worst photos.


  1. I think it turned out super cute!!!

  2. Bean...I think it looks super cute. Are you going to do the same thing 3 times? I say you do 3 different things. Only because you can.

  3. love it on your cute skinny body. i can't believe how creative you are, actually yes i can.