Friday, May 6, 2011

Boredom and strep throat...

Last month, both of my little sidekicks and I all caught strep throat. I have had it before, but I forgot how awful and painful it is! Josie had to miss a week of school, and was quarantined from interacting with any other kids for so long that she was going crazy. She is quite the social butterfly these days. To keep her occupied, we decided to do some planting. We were inspired by this idea, so we started with wheat grass. We also planted some herbs and veggies, too. I have to be honest that I didn't have much hope for the little seeds, since I am a notorious plant killer, but they are doing quite well. The best part was how the whole task kept J completely occupied and was super exciting to her 4-year-old self. She did everything: cut the cups, wrote the labels (could you DIE over her E's?), scooped the dirt, and planted those seeds. Every day she gets excited to check and water her plants and "give her grass a haircut." It grows SO fast!
We had one problem: How to Lily-proof our cups. We put them on the window ledge where she can't reach them, and taped them so they won't fall.

Basil only a week later...

The beans have already moved to their new home outside!

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  1. that is such a cute idea! i've been feeling the urge to start an herb garden, but my thumb is nicknamed blackie for a reason; so i'm a little intimidated. i totally LOVE your blogs, linds. you have such a rad style and are so creative. and paige left me the cutest message on my blog a few weeks ago, but i don't know how to respond to her. please tell her that i love her and i can't wait for you guys to come out to switz!