Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An anti-climatic ending...

So, I am a little tardy in wrapping up my big year - but here goes...I started to type a list of all 52 projects, but I decided that it was much too boring to read, and a tally isn't the point. Not all 52 projects were sewing or craft projects. Some were simple things I had planned on doing forever and ever...and finally got them done!
I think what I've taken away from this experience is
1. The weekly deadline jump started my motivation, but in the end I was able to find my own rhythm for getting things done. My #1 priorities in life are not my own projects, but two short, blonde, and unpredictable little things. Sometimes my free time comes in spits and starts, so my vision of having a timely post every week was thwarted by this fact!
2. I don't hate quilting. My very wise aunt and idol Sis pointed out: "Oh dang........you need to learn to love quilting...Quilting is getting to be a lost art. This from a pioneer womans journal....I QUILT AS BEAUTIFULLY AS I CAN SO MY HEART WON'T BREAK AND AS FAST AS I CAN SO MY CHILDREN WON'T FREEZE......" Her post brought tears to my eyes as I thought of pioneer women quilting out of necessity, but finding the beauty and joy in it. So, I think it's perfectly fitting that my final project was another (bigger!) quilt. The quilts that I've made have become beloved things in our home and it makes me so happy to see my family using them and loving them, too. I have quilts floating in my head...I'm excited to get them out!
3. I like to blog, and while I'd like to have a pretty, glossy blog that is updated in a timely manner...it just might not happen that way while my babies are babies.
My list of projects from last year has only generated more projects and I have so many things sitting in my little sewing area (if you can call it that). I am excited to continue sharing things that I make or things that inspire me...


  1. keep it up, linds! you're amazing!

  2. How fun! This blog always makes me want to start working on fun projects. I love your #1 point. I usually get frustrated for not being able to finish anything because of the kids but I should just do what I can when I can.
    Love all your projects Linds!

  3. I don't know how many times ive said it, but please move closer so i can be a cool as you. you are the most talented individual! you are such a good mom with all sorts of fun projects up your sleeve! I love to see all you do! you are my inspiration to do more artsy, crafty stuff even if im not that great at it! love you! xoxoxox

  4. I've been waiting for weeks for this post. I am in love with your quilt. I think I might have to copy. I love that it looks like Chevron stripes. Remember all those times we said we hated quilting and were never doing it again...I might have lied.

  5. I've loved following your blog, even if it is sporadic. You're the best Linds.

  6. Dearest Linds,
    I have LOVED reading about all your great ideas! You are so talented and you are lighting you candle so we can all learn from you. I love your words as much as I love your projects. You are an amazing writer! Thank you for all your hard work! I love you, Sis xoxox