Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two little indians...

Josie became set on being Pocahontas a few months ago and I stewed and stewed about how I would make her dress. Once I started, everything kind of just came together and I had so much fun making the pattern. I learned a lot and studied my sewing books on necklines, facings, sleeves, and zippers. "Tiger Lily's" dress was very simple to make and only took a couple of hours from start to finish. I sort of copied a dress she already had and made a diaper cover from Dana's pattern at Made.


  1. oh my word!! cutest dresses ever!! please make me one!! and that perfect accessory?! you are so talented, ms linds!

  2. I love Lily's indian pose. And that turquoise necklace. Josie is awesome. I love that she is so particular.

  3. What's with Ben in the last pic? So funny! The third picture is sooooo cute!! And of course the costumes are amazing like everything else you make!