Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm back

I still have some catching up to do with posting, but I'm back to late Monday night sewing! I'm also back to posting horrible phone photos taken after midnight...Oh well, you get the idea, right? I sewed this shirt from a Built by Wendy pattern from Simplicity. I actually really like it, and I think I might actually wear it? I wasn't expecting that! I was just trying to sew something for myself but assuming it'd turn out lame. Sweet surprise! I picked a SIMPLE pattern and fabric I really like, and voile! It turned out okay...It is a little plain and I'm trying to think of something to add to it. A sash? Maybe I'll think of something better in my sleep...


  1. impressive! cute shirt! did you use regular cotton fabric or knit?

  2. Love it. Can you make me one? And then make me a wedding dress?

  3. oh sista- you are so dang talented! I wish so bad you lived closer so you could share your knowledge! love you!